Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Speak English - People Judge Your Product by it!

Sad but, true. The English speaking part of the world determines, in large part, the value of your offer by how it "sounds" to them. Do you not also? Get serious about marketing in the English speaking part of the web. Get some help where you need it most. Do you seek an SEO specialist for advise and guidance? Do you pay for marketing packages? Web page lay-out and design? How much time do you spend hunting traffic which dismisses you as insignificant simply because you don't speak their brand of English? Why not try some professional level English grammar proof-reading and editing?

I am not a coder or programmer by any means. I rely on the expertise of others to guide me to the point I seek. Regularly will I grab a snippet or widget I did not even know I needed until I saw it in action. How many of those might I have passed by simply because the write-up gave me the impression of ineptness. Yes, the thought crosses my mind. No, I do not judge by the grammar the potential of the product. Oh, so much I would like to reach you.

We could play wonderful music together, you and I. You on the Codefone, me on the Grammarinet. Such a wonder on the Web; sweet harmony indeed. I present as my credentials this very piece of my own improvision; will you not join me in the composition of a masterpiece? Come, play with me sweet music to the world which is in desperate need of our services.

I am not perfect, though I am born and bred to perfectionism. I know now when enough is enough. I can stop when it is "good enough". It was a hard lesson to learn. Another nice feature of understanding limitations is knowing when to seek help for something for which I am in need of assistance. I need help with even simple HTML at times so I seek out and utilize it. Is English your weak link in the chain?

I must laugh at two things: The common misspelling of the word "grammar" as "grammer"; a common error of which I am most guilty. The rantings of those who laugh at this misspelling as a grammatical mistake are an insult to those in the know. It is not grammatical; it is the result of the phonetical enunciation. In other words, that is how it sounds to us. Spelling, grammar, and punctuation are all very different subjects. As are sentence and paragraph structure which combine to form the basis for EVERY marketing piece you will ever encounter or (attempt) to deliver.

Do yourself a favor; get the most from your copy writing. Get WhiteSmoke English language writing tools. You will notice a difference in conversions because people will judge not your copy writing but, will try your offer based on its own perceived merit.

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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Why is my Google page rank zero?

UPDATE: Google has finally re-evaluated my blog and decided it was worth something greater than zero. No explanation; the fix has simply reset my page to an active state. Great Googleymoogley...

Nobody knows. Google is too big for its britches for certain. Yes, this is a Google site. No, I am not a Google supporter. I hate MicroSoft equally. As well should we all. Free(dom) is only granted to those who refuse tyranny. Corporate giants breed nothing but excess and greed.

Comcast is yet another which has outgrown its usefulness. My ISP access jumped from $19.95 to $49.95 and has yet to exceed 1MB on a download. This is high-speed broadband? We are being robbed! Comcast advertises 2-6MB speeds which are easily disputed with a properly configured Mozilla browser.

Today's GiveawayOfTheDay was a $199 piece of software for dealing with MicroSoft PowerPoint. A bloated price for an application which supports an even more bloated MS application which is not worth its own price. Get free and download all the add-ons you need to customize your very own software. Tyranny free and community supported.

Get it Google? We The People own the Web; you do not. All you have is reputation and that is degrading...

I use Blogger as a convenience for WYSIWYG editing. I do NOT appreciate being zeroed out for no reason. Those for whom I feel support is warranted are linked to my site. The rest are left in the webbing to flounder helplessly until they perish. Where will you be in the next round of Web "x".0?

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Bruce Schneier, Cryptogram, 16/04/2002

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