Saturday, September 26, 2009

956 MB of Malware - One machine - Three Days...

...and then there was more...

Up at 10 AM as usual; there is a request for service from Geek CSI - me. Arranged to be there at 6PM for a two hour initial service call; left at 9PM with the laptop in my hands. No WAY to get this one quick; my limited software has me working things out the hard way. Forums, friends, and freeware! It was nice to have it home with me in the PC/Isolation Room. Spent the night and early morning hours wading through hacker crap.They are cyber-terrorists and should be treated with the same
contempt as they have for our right to peace! No mercy, no clemency, period!

I don't have a silver bullet; what I have is DECADES of experience with terror, and a PC skill-set second to none I know. Am I the best? Probably not but, my machine has run for two years without a Restore/Recovery option. No safety net but me. I can not allow it, or them, to take me out of the loop.

My Vista HB 3GB P4, 2 GB RAM, 160GB on-board, 1/2TB xtrnl HDD has learned to sit up and beg! Looking forward to upgrading Vista on this one and jumping on Win7 with another. Long live Micro$$oft! My bread is buttered...

That would give me 98SE, XP pro, Vista, and Win7 all downstairs with me :)

There are eight PCs on two conjoined networks in this household; three upstairs ( with an all-in-one and a photo printer) and five (plus my own all-in-one) down here with me. I look after it all. The laptops have Wi-Fi built into them of course and one mid tower in the basement runs from a wireless USB adapter. The rest are hard lined for best performance.

I'm good. I am also worn out from making things work on-the-fly as I encountered new mutations and re-spawns. Multiple anti-spyware and anti-virus/malware apps finally killed it long enough for me to "secure" the customers chosen browser (IE). By locking parts of it down with IE7Pro and the rest with Spybot I stopped the bastards cold. Juggling web access with flash transfers to keep things relatively under control I accomplished what the "big boys" with all their toys - could not do.
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Bruce Schneier, Cryptogram, 16/04/2002

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