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Article Rewriting Software (AKA: Spin-Offs)

This is the result of an Article Jockey 12% spin-off from a cut and paste of an article (original guide) written for RSBoards.
The resultant article must certainly be a joke? It is not even CLOSE to being grammatically correct and the intended message is largely incomprehensible. It reads like one of my "English is not my primary language" clients for whom I proof-read and edit their copy writing. Read "Speak English" to understand why I offer this service along with some professional English copy writing software.

To be able to use this spin-off would require proof-reading and editing from within the Article Jockey result box. All changes are highlighted there for easy reference. You get five credits at sign up, of which this spin-off cost me one, and a link on the header will take you to their sales page to buy more credits. Article Jockey is not a particularly useful tool for good copy writers. It will NOT help plagiarists avoid persecution, nor copyright infringers (pirates) avoid prosecution. To see my precious article so off spun was actually enjoyable in a sense...

Multi-Millionaire's Mining Manifesto - The Spin-Off

First you hold to selection a plan, then you have to plant your pick. Tonight method wish bring up more than your bank account, it will also train your Mining, Smithing, and Crafting skills. I did it all occasionally a F2P bill beginning with only two hours a day of internet access. Be reproducible almost of all; this WILL take some time. I presently hold over 5 million in assets, and a history of purchases in the six figure range totaling several million. It starts out reasonably slowly to level-up; however, the greater your skill level the greater the XP to the next level. The mining XP required occasionally level 83 to 84 is over 278,000! I just made it on 7/29/2008 at 1:00AM EST USA.

You can begin hit a bronze pick in the Dwarven Mine in Falador. Buy all do-it-yourself selection upgrades from the GE for a savings of up to 50% off the cost in the mine. Cop and Tin are do-it-yourself best friends in the beginning. Simply mine yet you dream your level up in your sleep. Require a fault then and head up to the bank for a load to take to the furnace for smelting. Occident of the Falador smeltery is a small bank; this is where you will be traveling to and from. Between the two is a shop, or universal store. Tonight is wherever you begin to make some small change.

Note: Tonight is an other for which you will need to bring your crafting level up to the point of gem cutting. Selection almost any craft for this low-level training; I made and fired enough bowls to serve the entire RS community soup for lunch. You wish demand a chisel, the ring mold and necklace mold. A heaping portion of gold ore too so, mine the gold whenever you see it waiting. The molds can be base at a store in the Al Kharid desert.

To get the almost out of do-it-yourself jewelery sales, sell only ONE of an item at a time. Expect for it to be intent by the system. You can do tonight better as follows: Take out (from the bank) 5 each gold ore and gems, plus your chisel and a mold (5g each in the desert). Cut the gems, put the cheat support and fill up on ore for smelting. Go smelt the gold and hold the jewelery. Pass across to the shop and sell ONE, then return to smelt the rest of the ore into bars. Give to the store and sell ONE piece of jewelery (Make sure there is no jewelery on inventory!) then head back to the bank. Replenish do-it-yourself sack with ore, go back to the shop, then the smelter, shop, bank. . . Get the idea?

You power considerably make more money selling gold ore in the Grand Exchange but, remember this: it IS an exchange. You wish be exchanging XP for coin. The program hither is flexible, whichever you need most at the moment is what you go after. I started out marketing gold bars, shift to crafting mode later. Tonight flexibleness also provides a somewhat boredom resistant training program as you are doing multiple skill-building tasks at the same time, with multiple goals from which to choose.

Along the equal line of idea is the proper use of all these (bronze in our example) bars you are making. Deal subject in GE or smith-train and sell armor sets. Tonight you do in Varrock wherever the anvil is across the street from the bank and the GE is just North West. At my stream mining/smithing levels I can operate mith but, STEEL is a much better choice once you get there. I wish not devastate mithril on a dagger when steel is easier and faster to obtain. Aim do-it-yourself way through mithril by smithing steel! Again, the bars make more money each than the equivalent in armor sets. The Sechuana wish earn less coin but, will train your smithing AND, I can't make steel sets fast enough! With 500 steel bars in the bank I make the rounds quickly but, the sets are sold by the time I get back to the GE. That's simply the way it is in RSville.

Smith do-it-yourself way by iron ASAP as you get only 50% (or less) good ore, which is very frustrating. Sword is 100%; however, you wish still smith about the same because of the coal requirement. On an abandon carry I can carry 9 iron and 18 coal so the actual return is 33% on a load. The evaluate of the sword per slot is higher so, it all evens out in the end. Do-it-yourself alternative again, sell the steel bars at market rates or go for the smithing XP and sell the sets. A set is: entire helm, platebody, legs or skirt, and kite shield. F2P get just two slots in GE so I hold multiples of skirt (sk) and legs (l).

Now Hither is wherever the big money starts. COAL. By now you hold trained Mining high-pitched enough to enter the Mining Guild in the Dwarven Mine where you will find much coal. Deal it by the hundred. Deal it by the ton. Then begin to horde it for smithing - you are going to need it. Finish I curbed coal was selling at $160ea (at GE) times 1000 equals $160,000 gold coin. At my stage I can smith MITHRIL bars arbitrarily sell for a minimum of $1,200ea times 1000 equals 1. 2 Million gold coin! (I hold sold 2k ore at $500ea for a $1,000,000 profit and have nearly 4k mithril ore in the bank).

There you hold it: Mining for Millions! I am at stage 83 mining and among the top 2% of the top two million Miners on Runescape. A membership of 32K is an still 1. 6% of 2M. Hold the Stats page. Then, establish do-it-yourself pick. . . .

All content © 2008 Keith E Larson

Electric Skillet Beef Stew with Cheesy Dumplings

Electric skillet meals are any easy way to reduce heat in your kitchen and save on clean-up afterward. Mine is a twelve inch square variety with a domed glass top for quick peeks without even lifting the lid. Basically, a "full" skillet feeds four; as I live alone this works out to four dinners for one. Leftovers are a snap since I keep a space for the whole skillet on the top shelf of my refrigerator. Bring the temperature back up gradually; start at warm, then simmer, add a bit of water before raising the temperature to 250.

I use a slightly over one pound package of stew beef which I cut down to manageable chunks. This will allow speedier browning (in olive oil) and a more thorough distribution of meat throughout your beef stew. Once cut to size and placed in a bowl for safe-keeping, I season the stew beef with either Greek or Italian salad dressing along with additional garlic. This can be placed in the refrigerator while you begin to prepare the vegetables. Alternately, you could hold off the vegetable preparation until the stew beef has been marinated and browned. No extra bowl for the veggies that way; simply slice and dice from the cutting board direct to the electric skillet.

The jury of one has returned with a verdict:
This recipe is an outstanding success!
I was allowing a bowl of stew and dumplings to cool a bit
as I began this post and have been eating it between sentences.

The veggie list: Small red potatoes cubed more or less. Baby carrots halved into smaller bites. Fresh mushrooms sliced somewhat thick. One large Vidalia onion halved, halved again, and chunk cut. Green, yellow, and red bell pepper diced to match the onion. I also had one half each of zucchini and yellow squash which needed to be eaten so, in the stew they went.

Add enough water to mostly cover and sprinkle with one package of Beef Stew Seasoning Mix. Stir gently as your skillet might be quite full by now. Let it cook at 250 stirring frequently to prevent scalding and sticking. When the meat and potatoes are tender you may begin to thicken the gravy with a light dusting of flour stirred in completely. It will thicken some during the final phase as well.

The cheesy dumplings are begun with an all-purpose baking mix and water to a somewhat sloppy dough thin enough to be plunked from a spoon into your stew. It will appear a bit watery at first but, this is as it should be for dumpling mix to which shredded cheese is about to be added. Any of the shredded cheese mixtures (mine was Italian) will do fine and can be added up to about one third of the total mass of the dumpling mix. The end result should slip easily from the spoon to the bowl as the stew will be QUITE hot and may splatter you.

Spoon in the dumplings, reset the lid and wait 20 to 30 minutes. The cheese will keep the dumplings from achieving the dry interior you may be used to. They will; however, firm up enough to be ladled into bowls and smothered with the nutritious and delicious Electric Skillet Beef Stew of your very own creation. Enjoy it, I did.

All content © 2008 Keith E Larson

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