Monday, April 14, 2008

Why Do They Need My Email Address?

Squeeze Pages are everywhere. I have squeeze page generators installed on my PC. What purpose do they serve? Only one thing; the capture of your Email for marketing purposes. Yes, that is correct. They want to sell you something. Regardless of the offer; there WILL BE a marketing campaign attached to it. I'll offer no specifics in this post but, I have archived a great number of solicitous emails from multiple "Gurus" of the opportunity genre. Furthermore, I have unsubscribed to them all in an effort to clear out my inbox and sort through the barrage.

At first it seems beneficial, the information something I want to learn. Gradually they get off the point, with many of them simply spamming me with offer after offer while providing no useful information what-so-ever.

At first I was inundated and began to suffer from information overload; then I noticed the repetitive nature of the data itself. Frustration and disgust soon came into play as, one-by-one the emails devolved into spam. From now on, I will be using a special account set up at a place like; there a user defined period of email forwarding will be established. Should the subscription warrant further consideration for review, I simply go to my subscribed account and change my email address to a "reader" account and they'll never even notice.

Those who continue to offer a genuine service will continue to have my blessing and are welcome to add an endorsement or email advertisement should they so desire. Certainly they shall, after all that IS the ultimate reason for the contact. They have something to sell which may be of interest to me. I too have advertising, here and elsewhere, which I hope will find a few interested parties.

There is no genuine need for me to request your contact information. You may find you would like to return to see what I have to say; discover what I have found or learned. You may bookmark this page; you may also subscribe to the RSS feed. I do recommend an aggregator which will help with potential information overload. The Flock browser has one built (they call it "baked-in") right into it. I also have "My Blog Navigator" on trials. Both services will need to be reset as they have default feeds to get you started. Blog Navigator in particular had so much defaulted that I simply cleared everything and started over from scratch. TMI hurts my head.

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