Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Social Bookmark Maintenance

Maintenance work on my Blinklist account is, as always, on-going. Much had fallen behind during the redevelopment of V.O.I.D and its supporting cast of characters. The tag list is much closer to my intended purpose, with fewer tag redundancies and greater cross-indexing. In theory, a tag search for photo editing software should now be found under photo, editing, and software; however it will NOT be found under the three word phrase, "photo editing software", nor shall you locate it under "photo editors". There is no hierarchy structure, as yet, to Blinklist which might support multiple sub-categories under a single "root" tag. Maybe the 2.0 release will provide a folder/file format; such an improvement would; however, cause many days of re-organization...

One feature of Blinklist which I use quite a bit is the QuickBlink button. This allows for a speedy and private post while maintaining my focus on the project at hand. Without it, I would become hopelessly mired in the sticky web strings so enticingly place before my path. Some links I will follow in pursuit of the research; other links will be "placed on hold" for development.

The last few days I have returned to the QuickBlink tag list in an effort to categorize those findings for both Research and Development, and my social network. One hundred thirty three posts had to be upgraded from a simple bookmark to a useful and locatable instrument of productivity: a valuable tool. Information not properly labeled, nor logically placed, is merely raw data of very little use to the end-user. Except in this case, my re-discovery of these "lost" bookmarks was very rewarding in and of itself! Some were savored, de rest deleted.

Finally, the most important step in this process must be completed; backing up all this work is essential. Blinklist provides multiple export options which allow for a variety of solutions. The simplest method is a "backup to browser" function. It has an intermediate step which saves a standard bookmark file to the hard drive. The file is good there for rebuilding, right? Sure. What happens to my social network contacts when the primary bookmark manager is off-line? They can't pull a link off my browser but, I want them to find my posts. Therefore, IMPORT. Many people do this already, as indicated by the preponderance of "imported" tags found on social bookmark sites.

The recommended import tag is not necessary for my purposes since Blinklist and Del.icio.us are one unit; bound together by my browsers and my backups. One of them does have a serious spam problem in its public search list which will be addressed in the next release. The other was only recently integrated into my network so I have yet to fully assess this area. These two represent a small fraction of the social search opportunities available to the astute researcher.
Certainly you can think of a few more?

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