Monday, March 24, 2008

BurnAware HE Evaluation

BurnAware allows you to easily perform the most common disc burning operations: write to all CD/DVD media types, including Blu-Ray (BD-R/BD-RE); create and burn disc images; write multi-session discs; verify the integrity of files; burn your compilations directly on optical media, without having to wait for hard drive staging first and much more. Its proprietary burning algorithm provides the highest level of fault-tolerance, error-free burning and data integrity.

Unlike the basic free version, the Home Edition writes data discs with additional options (data mode, label, date, etc.), creates bootable discs, creates ISO images from discs, supports ISO/UDF/Bridge file systems and CD-TEXT for Audio CD’s.

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#31) It’s 8:49AM in eastern USA and I am happy to report a flawless download and install on Vista HB. Running with a mere 512M memory. Microsoft's DEP plagues me no more; I disabled it many months ago. Keep in mind that I maintain a constant watch on Restore Point generation but, have not yet had to use it. As for the program offered: many thanks to GOTD and GloryLogic! The GUI is clean and quite friendly; a direct link to the company website is available from the launch window. The $33 one year free UPGRADE license is self-explanatory; company rep please verify continued functionality. Even without free up grades to the the latest bells and whistles, this will still be a fine GOTD delivery!

My morning flex-time routine has now been determined for today: I go now to challenge this fine looking software to an as yet uncompletable task. A full report will be seen first at GOTD.

#62) #31 Continued at 1:24PM: Using BurnAware HE, I erased a CD-RW for this test. The sample was a 700MB ISO packaged as a Rxxxx file and as such posed an issue on my machine which doesn’t like MS/HP bundled software. The simulated burn option provided configuration and compatibility verification prior to the actual burn which can be vital if you’re low on disks and might otherwise create a coaster. Burn began at 9x and progressed to 10x by the four minute mark. Total elapsed time; BurnAware 8:29 vs Rxxxx 20:20. Way to go. I’m impressed and you should be too.

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