Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Bullies and Badasses: Beware of Rabid Rabbit Revolt

This is a "How To/What IF" for when you are afraid even to get out to your mailbox.

We are not paranoid; they ARE out to get us. It is simply a matter of time. The police are powerless, less than worthless. By the time they arrive the damage is done; we are dead. Therefore, reporting localized terrorism is NOT an option. We must terminate terrorism on our own. The authorities and the bad guys/girls have left us no other option.

What if all the scared rabbits fled directly at their attackers? Would the tormentors not then experience the fear of a total loss of control? Might they not fear their own demise? After all, they are all cowards who refuse to face their own fears; their preference is to terrorize others in an effort to hide their own weaknesses.

Get away and think. Observe the behavior of your nemesis. What is it hiding? While you are at it, get with those you see also under fire. Form a team of watchers; learn from each other's incidents. With this core group you can plan an action to put a stop to the Terror. Permanently.

Yes, coppers, I notice already that this seems to advocate gang violence. It does not. The street gangs of many cities are also a part of the terroristic groups which must be put down. Many of them were formed as protection such as I have described; some of them have gotten dangerously out-of-hand and pose yet another threat to society at large. What then are we to do?

Have you lived your entire life in fear of these very real monsters as have I? Did you also choose isolation and loneliness to the brutal attacks of violence both physical and emotional? Has it ruined your life too? Walking away sometimes means leaving everything behind and moving elsewhere. How many times can we accomplish this feat of heroic retreat in the face of an unrelenting enemy? Why must we continue to do so? Where this time shall we go? What place offers sanctuary to those who would live in peace? Sadly, none.

Unite and fight. The only answer: "Rabid Rabbit" is born this day.

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