Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Local and Free Long Distance US/Canada $20 Year!

This morning I did something different. Due to an overwhelming urge to click on the TV instead of the mouse, I found myself at the very beginning of a paid infomercial on the Sci-Fi channel. The significance of this is that I own and use the product (MajicJack) in my own home/office! Imagine, $20 a YEAR for local and long distance phone service! No additional taxes, surcharges, or fees of any kind. Just your broadband Internet connection and an open USB port on your PC. Plug in a cordless phone or wireless headset and you get crystal clear, dead-zone free reception anywhere in your home or office.

Important: This is NOT a paid endorsement; I am a VERY satisfied customer who saves hundreds of dollars each year on monthly phone bills that no longer exist!

It is time the big telcos had some real competition; time YOU had more money in your pocket. Featured on the Savings Shopping Network which aired 24 June 2008 at 7:30 AM on the Sci-Fi channel. Ironically, The TV service provider in my area has been pushing its own "special deal" on phone service for $20 a month.

MajicJack also received the PC Magazine Editors Choice award published 17 January 2008 and has been featured on multiple TV networks and major newspapers as well. You get: free Voice Mail, Call Forwarding, Caller ID, Directory Assistance, PLUS a new portable phone number all for only $20 per year! Why are you still paying the phone company's outrageous fees? Get to the MajicJack site now while the free trial offer is still running! Do it for yourself, do it for your business, do it for family and friends, do it for a lifetime of savings; just do it now: MajicJack.

At the time of this post their website lists a free trial offer - try now, pay later with your savings! Super simple to install and use. Plug it in to an open USB port and wait for the pre-installed software to do most the work for you. Sorry, you WILL have to select the nearest physical hub (a city near you, the internet does not really care). Plug in your phone and make a call. That's it.

Call any number in the US and Canada FREE! Do you have friends or relatives outside the US and Canada? Maybe you are outside the calling area? Like any good network plan, you can call any other MajicJack number where ever it is installed - FREE! Travel a bit? No problem, take your MajicJack with you; it will work on any hi-speed Internet connected PC anywhere in the world.

Check the MajicJack website for a free trial offer - try now, pay later! Bye-bye, phone company...

You might want to review the commentary on: GigaOM which contains a LOT of issues, complaints, and resolutions. As of 7-27-2008 there is NO TECH SUPPORT available from the company. There is; however, a growing MJ community trying to help. You will have to scour the comments because there are a LOT of them; some people have reported spending a couple hours reading them all! Even I was there for an hour and had difficulty with my comments being posted. As a nearly sole source for information the sites' host may be overwhelmed.

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